Thursday, April 21, 2016

Three years

When we opened our front door this morning we were greeted by a package wrapped in floral wrap - we brought it inside to find a beautiful plant with an anonymous card which simply states "She is never forgotten".

It's been three years and of course for us and so many people who knew Karen that brief note on a card is so true.  It's also true that in many ways, parts of Karen are here with us every day - whether its the way we go about doing our Christmas baking or packing for a trip or decorating for a holiday or any one of the other habits, practices and rituals we follow in our daily lives.  The kids are growing up fast (too fast some days) but they show their mother's influence in so many things they do.

Often when people ask how we are doing, my first response is we are busy.  For those who check this blog that shows itself in the growing gaps between posts but trust me we are always on the go.  In just the last couple of weeks Jen's high school presented it's big Arts show (a great performance by all the various arts programs in the school), she performed at the neighbourhood family of schools concert, Kris and a classmate manned the sound board for his school's Grade 8 drama production, we've had the usual choir rehearsals and percussion lessons and attended a meeting for Kris' upcoming trip to Quebec this spring.  Besides that I've had a few evening client meetings and of course I've been at work and the kids have been at school.

Many things are so different than they were three years ago - Jen has settled in to high school life with new friends and different experiences and a new kind of independence in a school Kris and I aren't really a part of (certainly not compared to the old school).  Kris has also settled into middle school apart from his sister and particularly embraces the sports and social aspects and the independence those activities bring to him.  I find myself not needed in the same ways but somehow don't seem to have much more free time for myself (they may not need me, but they still seem to need me).  I haven't really embarked on any new activities or friendships but it is easier to get out with friends from time to time without having too worry as much about what the kids will do.

Spring is upon us and with that will come a whole raft of new activities - there will be more concerts, that trip to Quebec, exams and of course yard work, opening the cottage and a couple more busy months at work.

That's about all for today, we will keep moving forward and experiencing new people and things, while not forgetting those from the past.  We'll keep working on that balance among all the things we want and need to do.  We'll keep trying to keep in touch with all our family and friends.  And we'll try and keep you up to date on this blog, but in all honesty the current updates are found on Instagram or for a couple of the younger people in this house, Snap Chat (apparently my age is hindering my adoption of that one!)

Thanks for checking in and thinking of us today
Take care and keep in touch!
Doug, Jen and Kris